Choco Zero and clinical studies

Salvatore Dr. Ilaria

Clinical dietician, specialist in sports medicine, sports nutritionist, specialist in medical hydroclimatology and spa clinic, therapist for unconventional treatments (mindfulness)

Subject: clinical trial (summary)

INTRODUCTION: intestinal endotoxicoses in subjects practicing very intense sporting activities are a complication known for some time, but only in the last fifteen years have we had a nosological framework and in-depth studies that have contributed to characterizing them better and better and with great detail and therapeutic suggestions.

STUDY DESIGN: 3 subjects practicing very intense physical activity, especially endurance Events (extreme exercise linked to blood POISONING) who almost constantly suffer from intestinal endotoxicosis due to phlogotic involvement of the digestive system with consequent diarrhea and dehydration and often with recurrent colic, underwent voluntarily to a diet with pasta rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates, integration of phytosterols and polyvitamins with mineral salts, integration with CHOCO ZERO chocolate bars (dark, pistachio, white) taken before morning physical activity or as a snack supplement afternoon, until the quibus is completely available, hydration only with Aqua fontis, for obvious reasons, in order to avoid the possible appearance of deficiencies and to evaluate the impact of this diet and supplementation on the pathology in question.

Sanitization of frequented sports environments (changing rooms, etc.) was also carried out.

ENDPOINT: Antea: diarrhea, nausea, colic-like abdominal pain, intense asthenia and low-grade fever in the evening. Postea: the same symptoms to be re-evaluated at the end of the test

RESULTS: after 30 days of testing there was a good improvement in diarrhoea, colic and asthenia and disappearance of low-grade fever and nausea for 2 out of 3 participants who were enrolled. In one case the situation remained quo ante but the low-grade fever disappeared here too.

In all participants, stress measured with the POMS method showed an improvement in mood, a lower sense of perceived fatigue and an improvement in global performance.

DISCUSSION: I believe that the good result obtained is largely due to the pasta ingested (rich in fiber 20 g x 100 g of rehydrated food). The fiber present eliminated the symptoms linked to metabolic acidosis (cramps, asthenia) and increased interleukin 10, an inhibitory factor of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-2 IL-3 etc, effectively reducing intestinal inflammation with all its symptomatic set.

In my opinion, particular merit should be attributed to the integration with CHOCO ZERO chocolate bars for the anti-inflammatory and anti-reactive action on the intestinal mucosa, due to the overall low sugar content of the products in question (slight impact) in competition with the sweeteners therein present.

CONCLUSIONS: Based on what emerged from the clinical investigation, I believe that THE INDICATED DIETARY TREATMENT, INCLUDING THE above supplementation (CHOCO ZERO chocolate bars) may also find indications in the aforementioned intestinal endotoxicosis as well as in various other indications deriving from pathologies and performance .

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Salvatore Dr. Ilaria

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