Dott.ssa Federica Ciardi

Dr. Federica Ciardi

Diabetes is a very common disease that is gaining ground in recent years. In Italy, it is estimated that around 3 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and that another million have the disease without knowing it.
Excess weight, consumption of foods loaded with refined sugars, quantitatively excessive meals, high consumption of foods of animal origin and poor physical activity are the main risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Obese people, for example, have a risk of diabetes 10 times higher than people of normal weight. Promoting a low-calorie diet, with consumption of vegetable proteins, high levels of fiber and an adequate level of weekly physical activity in people with excess weight and suboptimal blood sugar levels has been shown to be able to prevent diabetes.
Endocrinological alterations such as diabetes and insulin resistance are increasingly present in our society and contrast with the continuous media pressure that pushes us to purchase junk food. Changing your lifestyle and nutrition is not always easy and requires great commitment and a path created specifically for every need. In cases such as those of those suffering from diabetes, it can be particularly burdensome to have to give up sweet foods such as chocolate. Chocozero, in this I feel, proves to be a winning ally. Due to its composition, its low quantity of sugars and its excellent taste, it can be an excellent idea for not giving up a sweet, tasty and easy to transport snack!

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