Why is Choco Zero® different?


Choco ZERO is the first chocolate bar with no added sugar that you can eat whole as a snack. That's right, you read that right! Have you ever imagined being able to eat your favorite chocolate without feeling guilty?
Choco ZERO: a quality product. These are handcrafted chocolate bars, made up of just a few first-class ingredients.
Maltitol: it is the sweetener used to replace sugar. It is a naturally derived product, obtained from maltose obtained from corn starch. It does not alter the flavor and consistency of the dough, in this way the chocolate retains its delicious taste but with fewer calories! Furthermore, its low glycemic index makes it usable even by diabetics (always consult your doctor).
Cocoa mass: It is one of the most important components of chocolate, what determines its aromas and main characteristics.
Cocoa butter: it is obtained from cocoa mass by pressing. The fats that make up cocoa butter are 2/3 saturated (stearic acid and palmitic acid) and 1/3 unsaturated (oleic acid); when the (saturated) stearic acid reaches the liver it is desaturated and transformed into oleic acid, so in the end we will have 2/3 unsaturated fats and 1/3 saturated fats: it is therefore a good fat on a nutritional level.
Soy lecithin: it is a tasteless natural substance, extracted from soy, which is added to the dough as an emulsifier: it should not be demonized, as it facilitates the blending of the ingredients during processing, improves the shelf life of the product and eliminates bubbles. 'air.
Vanilla: is added to make the chocolate more fragrant and aromatic.
Milk: powdered milk is mainly used for milk and white chocolate bars.
NO ADDED VEGETABLE FATS, only fats naturally present in cocoa.
But what is the difference compared to normal chocolate?
Normal chocolate bars contain an average of 14g of sugar per 25g, so the less sugar in a Choco Zero bar is equal to around 3 sachets of sugar!
Why is it always good to keep the level of simple sugars consumed under control in a diet?
Sugars have a low molecular weight and the characteristic of being immediately absorbed by the body, and then ending up in the bloodstream with a rapid increase in blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood.
This phenomenon is dangerous for two reasons:
1. Insulin reduces body fat burning.
2. After reaching the peak, the insulin rate quickly drops to the minimum level resulting in a new attack of hunger.
As you can see, it is the beginning of a vicious circle that leads to continuously consuming sugar, increasing your daily calorie intake!
With Choco Zero® you can eat chocolate even if you pay attention to your figure!
Choco Zero bars are all gluten-free!